When I start to work on a project, anything is possible. Writers start stories by creating a characters, and the creative team and I create our own character--the visual world that supports the project’s inner life.

What I love most about the design process is that it takes many creative minds collaborating to tell the best stories. I bring my many years of design experience, as well as my architectural background to each show, but as a team we create a united character for the screen. The end story is held together by script, locations, sets, color palettes, and everything else that helps deliver the final tale, while getting the maximum mileage out of every penny of the budget onto the screen. When we do it well, the hundreds of creative puzzle pieces we’ve gathered along the way fit together, and create something even better than the individual parts.

I'm a Los Angeles native with two decades of production design experience for television, film, theater and residential.

"Questions are inherent in every story. I love the questions ... and finding ways to use my design to answer the portion of the story puzzle that is production."

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